cannot checkout https repositories

Vincent Ladeuil v.ladeuil+lp at
Sun Sep 30 22:12:01 BST 2007

>>>>> "Sébastien" == Sébastien Barthélemy <barthelemy at> writes:

    Sébastien> Hello,
    Sébastien> when I run 
    Sébastien> bzr checkout

    Sébastien> I have the error detailed at the end of this email. I have this problem
    Sébastien> with the bzr version packaged with ubuntu gutsy and with the
    Sébastien> bzr-0.91.tar.gz I downloaded from 

    Sébastien> See for more details. 

    Sébastien> Is there a fix planned for this ?


    Sébastien> Is there a temporary workaround ?

Yes. Use https+urllib:// (i.e. require the use of urllib
implementation instead of the default pycurl one), but keep in
mind that while the connection will be encrypted, the site
certificate will not be verified.

See for more details.

    Sébastien> Thanks a lot

You're welcome,

    Sébastien> Sebastien

    Sébastien> PS : I am not a member of the list, please reply me personally 



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