[MERGE] Updated the bzr smart server documentation

Martin Albisetti beuno at ubuntu.com
Tue Aug 28 18:21:07 BST 2007

On (Aug 21 20:31:58), James Westby wrote:
> Thanks Martin,
> Your changes look good to me, though I have one question.
> > +NOTE: If you don't have bzrlib in your PATH, you will be need to change the following line:
> > +
> > +            PythonPath "sys.path+['/srv/example.com/scripts']"
> > +
> > +To:
> > +
> > +            PythonPath "['/path/to/bzr']+sys.path+['/srv/example.com/scripts']"
> You refer to bzrlib in the comment, and then bzr in the code, are they
> supposed to be different?

Sorry I didn't reply before, I was not subscribed to this list  :D

I believe you need to point to the bzr directory, not bzrlib or bzr
specifically, though I believe that what it looks for is bzrlib.

I'll be happy to go through the rest of the documentation and update
it as much as possible.

Thanks for including the patch  :D


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