Robert is eating his own dogfood

Robert Collins robertc at
Fri Aug 24 04:28:16 BST 2007

On Fri, 2007-08-24 at 08:23 +1000, Robert Collins wrote:
> But as I don't have a dog, I'm just going to be hammering on pack based
> repositories.
> I've put a knits version of the repository branch up at

Also, for PQM friendliness the integration branch is now not part of the
repository - it has its own knits .bzr/repository to let me submit to
pqm :).

> But later today I intend to migrate my public repo at
> to packs.

This is done. I ran into a weird issue when upgrading. It failed to find
'mbp at' in ''.
doing a 'pack_repo.fetch(knits_repo)' also failed.

for head in heads:
   pack_repo.fetch(knits_repo, revision_id=head)

worked ?!

And the resulting inventory count was the same in the source and target;
as was the revision count.

I haven't tracked this down yet. 

> And likewise my local repository is getting the pack treatment.

Doing that straight after this email.

> until we fix our core data I'm expecting considerable pain ;).

The first item of pain is the indices. Pushing a single commit takes 5
minutes because the entire index for all texts (4.5MB) is being read.

So it looks like fixing that is my first priority.

If you want to see what a live pack based repo looks like, browse to

Of interest may be:
the packs dir containing packs
the indices dir containing the indices for each pack
the obsolete_packs dir which contains packs that have been superceded by
pack operations.

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