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Andrew King eurokang at
Mon Aug 20 09:09:20 BST 2007

sorry, please see mail with title "0.18: checking removes files automatically?"

My error.


On 8/20/07, Andrew King <eurokang at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I understand from the list that this has been debated (to death?), but
> I am really not sure that marking files as removed if they are missing
> is what most users want. Particularly on Windows (yes, yes, I know),
> it is all too easy to move a file by mistake, then not read the commit
> message carefully, and remove a whole lot of files. (This situation
> gets a lot worse when said user decides to fix the problem by
> re-adding the file.)
> IMHO, it would make much more sense to mark the file as *missing* (as
> it used to?) and not allow a commit unless the file was explicitly bzr
> rm'ed or bzr reverted. (eg. uncommitted changes in working tree ...)
> I think this also applies to rename.
> (I think a lot of our merge issues have come down to lazy users
> accidentally deleting then re-adding files, and causing conflicts days
> later down the track when big merges are attempted).
> Thoughts?
> Cheers,
> Andrew.

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