[MERGE][Take Five] Show the diff in the commit messages

Goffredo Baroncelli kreijack at tiscalinet.it
Fri Aug 17 22:17:10 BST 2007

Hi Martin,

Sorry, but I read your email only now. 
Regarding the check on the --show-diff switch, I updated the patch as you 
request; even tough I am not very happy: I think that the check is needed, 
and is the alias system too often used.
I agree that ignoring the switch is the best compromise, but in any case I 
would raise a flag about a possible abuse of the alias system.

Moreover I correct a bug (in my previous patch) in the diff code which 
generates an incorrectly diff.


On Thursday 16 August 2007, Martin Pool wrote:
> Martin Pool has voted tweak.
> Status is now: Semi-approved
> Comment:
> When merging this we might need to check the news entrys are
> adjusted to post-0.90.
>                   raise errors.BzrCommandError(
> -                    "please specify either --message or --file")
> +                    "please specify either --message or --file or 
> --show-diff")
> (comment) I think if people put --show-diff in an alias,
> they'll want to be able to give -m or -F and have --show-diff just have
> no effect.
>           has_changes = 1
> -        print >>to_file, "=== removed %s '%s'" % (kind, 
> path.encode('utf8'))
> +        print >>to_file, "=== removed %s '%s'" % (kind,
> + 
> path.encode(path_encoding,
> +                                                            "replace"))

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