Another Bazaar feed generator.

William Adams bill at
Tue Aug 7 13:24:03 BST 2007

Hello all, I've created a new feed/web page generator for bazaar.  It  
the feed / web page on the fly, and uses vanilla php to do so.

I know there is at least one other feed generator, but I couldn't get  
it to work with
my shared repository, so I decided to make my own (it was written in  
and sadly I'm not python proficient, although it's on my todo list).

To see what it's output looks like, subscribe to

In your favorite rss reader.

If you believe this may be useful to other folks, I'm more than  
willing to share it.
It is very configurable, and it should be safe as (I tried to be very  
careful with
escaping any arguments that are passed on to the external bzr script).

Thanks much,

P.S. For a remote repository as above, it is pretty slow.  For local  
repositories it is
very quick.

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