0.18: Too verbose commit

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at internode.on.net
Thu Aug 2 23:43:11 BST 2007

Jari Aalto wrote:
> * Thu 2007-08-02 John Arbash Meinel <john AT arbash-meinel.com>
> * Message-Id: 46B1E501.7030709 AT arbash-meinel.com
>> Jari Aalto wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> After upgrading to 0.18, the commit is, ahem, way too verbose. It
>>> would be better if these messages appeared only with -v option.
>>> I'd normally expect clean and simple message:
>>>    $ bzr ci -m "- fixed ..."
>>>    Committed revision 1.
>>>    $
>> Also, I don't think you realize that there is a global '-q' option.
>> Which does have specific effect for 'commit'.
> Hm, tried the -q, but it still prints messages to stderr. I would
> expect bzr to be completely silent with -q

Give --no-verbose a go instead of -q. There's a bug registered somewhere
about this (and --no-verbose being the workaround) but I couldn't find
it after a brief search.

I proposed a while back that commit only show the new revision number
unless -v was given. That was agreed to generally so I'll implement that
soon unless someone beats me to it.

Ian C.

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