Weekly(ish) 0.19 release update - ongoing development

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Wed Aug 1 17:05:45 BST 2007

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Martin Pool wrote:


> I'm confused.  I thought the freeze was going to be this week, not later,
> and that James had proposed to slip it but everyone else disagreed.
> Robert said he thought we had consensus to consider it in bugfix-only mode
> now.

Well, I know that most people posted "I agree" to my comment. But my comment
wasn't very specific as to which one we were going for. (I posted essentially
"I always wish for more time, but I do like time-based releases") So I can see
how it wasn't very clear.


> I don't want to be autocratic, but it takes 24h for everyone to respond to
> a list thread by which time we'd be almost at the earliest rc date.  Let's
> just take it as settled:
>   6 Aug   feature freeze, bugfixes only into trunk
>  13 Aug   rc1
>  20 Aug   release
> The general idea is that we release on the US/Pacific Monday (when more
> people are around), which is Tuesday in Australasia.

I think splitting the difference is reasonable.

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