repository corruptions; possible causes?

Sabin Iacob iacobs at
Wed Aug 1 10:31:02 BST 2007

I've been experiencing some strange issues with the trunk bzr in the 
last week:

 * the project I am working on for my employer is a branch stored in 
svn; after a while, bzr [diff|missing|push] and generally anything that 
had to do with diff raised a MemoryError; I was able to branch from svn 
again and use (unix) diff to recover my changes and commit them; it 
still won't push ("branches have diverged", but merge says "nothing to 
do"), but that's another issue
 * on another (dirstate-tags) branch bzr would segfault (?), or say 
something about a missing revision and abort (this actually happened to, too, I couldn't branch an earlier revision from it)
 * and finally, I had some changes to bzr-svn I had committed (tests 
didn't run on my system unless some names were fully qualified), and 
trying to merge this morning I got

bzr: ERROR: Revisions have no common ancestor: 
iacobs at 
jelmer at

and trying to branch from it would say

bzr: ERROR: Could not install revisions:
iacobs at

I kept the offending branch this time; where can I look for some 
forensic info? for starters, I'm curious if this is disk/filesystem 
related (which would mean that I have to back up my laptop) or just 
something to be expected from trunk/bleeding edge software (in which 
case I don't mind :) )

Dell 1300, Linux wireless-dev.git 2.6.22-rc3 (used in the hope they 
actually fix bcm43xx sometimes), xfs, using suspend to ram unless I 
really have to shutdown/reboot.

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