Newbie question - how to publish my repository

Kevin Light klight at
Mon Jul 30 22:32:53 BST 2007

----- "Blake Winton" <bwinton at> wrote:
> Martin Pool wrote:
> > On 7/30/07, Paul Moore <p.f.moore at> wrote:
> >> My client is Windows (ie, tool-poor by default) so I want to keep
> to things
> >> that bzr supports internally.
> > Also push over sftp and ftp doesn't update the working tree at all.
> But there is a push-and-update plugin!  (I was going to write a big
> long 
> email replying to this thread, but I asked on IRC instead, and got a 
> really quick answer which worked.  A couple of really quick answers, 
> actually, prompting me to create a launchpad account, and log 4 bugs.
> The full write-up is at 
> Paul, if you're using the Windows standalone installation, you'll 
> probably be interested in the last paragraph on that link.)

I've read your blog post but wanted to make note of my experiences with installing plug-ins.  I've found that most of the plug-ins want to live in the python Lib\site-packages tree instead of where ever you specify with the environment variable.  Now I suppose you could put multiple paths in that variable to make it work.  I haven't tried that, but I can assume it will work.

I'm a big fan of's bdist_wininst feature to build the plug-in's myself so that they can be un-installed, but again without some additional magic on the command line (--dist-dir), the resulting installer will put the compilation at <python>\Lib\site-packages\bzrlib.  If you've installed the stand-alone bzr package, its python will not be looking there and most likely will not pick up any extra dependencies such as the svn-python bindings or any of the GUI libs (as noted on the wiki).

Perhaps there should be a place on the wiki about building plug-ins for the stand-alone windows installed version...

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