Doc review & quick ref card - anyone with some DTP skills?

Joachim Nilsson joachim.nilsson at
Tue Jul 24 22:09:07 BST 2007

Sabin Iacob wrote, on 07/24/2007 08:51 PM:
> the revised version:
> +
> still renders ok in Firefox


first of all, great job!  This is exactly what I've been looking for to
give to beginners.  Thanks!

Now, sorry for butting in late but I have a few proposals:

1. There are several examples of font mixup -- e.g. "bzr resolve" uses
serifs and "bzr push" is sans serif.  For clarity I propose using serif
for headlines, sans serif for running text and a proportional font forll

2. My Thinkpad only has 1024x768 and some of the longer examples are
printed outside the frames.  Maybe this is OK, as long as we don't
publish the card in .svg but instead in PostScript or PDF, which we can
be sure are displayed properly everywhere.

3. Add/"version" files: ... how about using some other term (e.g. track)
or just drop the "version" and "unversion" clutter altogether?


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