0.19 release schedule

Andrew Bennetts andrew at canonical.com
Fri Jul 20 07:32:48 BST 2007

James Westby wrote:
> As for the changes that this release would contain, I would like it if
> you could reply to this message and tell me what you hope to get merged
> for this release, or at least what you will be spending time on.

I'm working on a smart protocol method to transfer data about a set of revisions
between two repositories in one hit, rather than as a huge number of small file
accesses as happens at the moment.  This should make pulls and pushes over the
network much much faster.

The branch I'm doing this work in is registered in Launchpad:

Currently that branch has a rough-but-working implementation: it will issue
"Repository.fetch_revisions" requests and get the right results.  It falls
back to direct file accesses when necessary.

The client will no longer use the "Repository.get_tarball" method, because this
is a better solution (it requires no buffering in the server or the client).
The server will continue to support it for older clients.

I still want to implement the reverse direction ("Repository.send_revisions" I
guess).  I think it would also be good to have a request like
"Repository.fetch_all_revisions" (that takes a single revision ID) so that when
doing an initial pull of a large branch it doesn't have to download and then
send a list of thousands of revisions to fetch.

I'm shortly going to start splitting the changes in that branch into separate
self-contained changes and submitting them for review.

>   * 124089     wsgi smart server chrooting does not manage additional
>                paths

This is assigned to me, and I definitely want to have it fixed for the next


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