[RFC] Repository fasçade

Aaron Bentley aaron.bentley at utoronto.ca
Thu Jul 19 19:15:54 BST 2007

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Martin Pool wrote:
> As I understand it, Aaron's talking about adding a new class which
> provides a Facade and delegates some operations to an internal hidden
> Revision.  This seems a bit similar to Michael Hudson's previous thread
> asking for a facade on all of bzrlib suited to high-level api users like
> loggerhead.
> In the long term, I don't think we want to have two different
> Repository-like interfaces.

Me neither.  I'm hoping to drop the original Repository interface after
one release, and certainly I don't want to have to implement the
original interface on top of containers.

> I'd much rather add new methods on Repository which do just what we want,
> and then deprecate the old ones.

I don't want to implement the old API on top of containers.  With your
plan, that would mean deprecating the old API soon, and removing it
before containers go mainstream.

> It's true that you can't reuse the old
> names, but I don't think that's a strong enough reason to justify adding
> indirection through a new class.

It seems a poor way to go about it, though, because once you've deleted
the deprecated methods, you're still stuck with the second-rate names.

> Maybe a good way to start that would be to post an rfc of api
> documentation for what should really be on Repository.

Okay, I'll leave that to someone who believes that process works.

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