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Tue Jul 17 16:55:22 BST 2007

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John Arbash Meinel wrote:
> Actually, my big comment is that we lose the +0,-0 comments. They
> weren't exactly clear what we were trying to say,

They were, it's just that we weren't using them as defined.

> but having a way to say:
>   I don't like this implementation, but if other people are okay with
> it, I'll acquiesce.

Abstain?  My use case for abstain is Kent's left-align patch.  I don't
particularly want it in, but I don't feel strongly enough about it to
reject it.  However, I *do* want it to stop showing as pending in *my*

> I guess my point is that I would tend to use "resubmit" as +0, but that
> removes it from the pending queue. Rather than giving someone else an
> opportunity to review it.

Yes, that's the point.  We've got too much stuff hanging around in the
"pending" queue that's not really pending review.  Most of the cases
where people use +0 are better served by "resubmit".

> What I would like is to have a way to give a slight rating on a patch.
> Then after it has had some time for other people to look at it, come
> back and call 'resubmit'.

I'm trying to avoid having a confusing array of choices.  Would you
consider starting with abstain, and seeing if it works?

> I suppose we could use 'comment' for that. I can put a comment on it
> now, and come back later for an approve/tweak versus reject/resubmit.

You can do that with "abstain", too.  The main difference is whether you
want it to appear in your personal pending-review list.

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