Recommended way of upgrading plugins?

Aaron Bentley at
Tue Jul 17 03:05:55 BST 2007

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Ian Clatworthy wrote:
> My first attempt was to go to me ~/.bazaar/plugins directory and type
>   bzr multi-pull

That's how I did it about 30 minutes ago. :-)

> multi-pull is part of the BzrTools plugin. It didn't quite do what I
> hoped(*) and I was wondering whether there's a better way. How do bzr
> gurus keep all their plugins up to date?

Well, usually, I just wait until they start complaining about being out
of date, and then pull the offending plugins.

> (*) multi-pull in my case doesn't work because I have symbolic links to
> two plugins that I've downloaded elsewhere on my filesystem. Rather than
> follow those, it falls over. Is that desired behaviour?

Well, at worst, it should skip them.  But following them would make
sense, I think.

> I've also noticed that a failure of any
> one pull aborts the multi-pull rather than trying the others. Again is
> that desired behaviour?

I suppose errors can be deferred until the end.  It was basically sloth.

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