[RFC] Pyrex .c file versioning

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Tue Jul 3 07:01:39 BST 2007

I want to add another point to the .c versioning discussion, which is
that I think more and more distros are getting the ability to build and
ship from VCS rather than tarballs: I think we *should* ship the .c
files in a branch.

At a minimum this could be the 0.18 etc branch, but I think it would
really be better to put them in bzr.dev.

I think the churn due to different pyrex versions is addressable:
 - we can do a trivial script to change the paths
 - we can nominate an official version we build with.

If we don't do this, I think its likely we will find distros that don't
build the pyrex versions, or that encounter bugs related to having a
different pyrex version in their build dependencies. Better for us to
say 'heres the .c to build' consistently in all places we ship code.


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