What is right path of my remote branch?

Eric Wang guangcaiw at gmail.com
Sun Jun 24 06:59:06 BST 2007

I can connect to my server via SSH with PuTTY, and accees my branch at d:\repo\branch. It is Windows style, how should I map it to a path of LINUX/UNIX style, so bzr can connect?


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|Eric Wang пишет:
|> Hello
|> I am a newbie of Bazaar, and have zero experience on LINUX/UNIX, so my
|> question is probably rather simple to you guys.
|> I am trying to host a smart server on Windows 2003 over SSH, suppose my SSH
|> default path is d:\repo, and the path of my branch is d:\repo\branch, what
|> is right path which I can use to connect the server? I tried bzr log on
|> bzr+ssh://server/branch, bzr+ssh://server/d:/branch,
|> bzr+ssh://server/d/branch, and
|> bzr+ssh://server/cygdirve/d/branch,
|Probably you mean 'cygdrive'?
|> But none of them works, all I got is the same error: bzr: ERROR: Not a
|> branch. So my question is, what is the right path?
|I think you need to establish SSH connection with your server and try to reach
|branch in SSH session. If you successfully do this, you will know what the right
|path is.
|Otherwise, check installation and configuration of your SSH server.
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