What is right path of my remote branch?

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Sun Jun 24 06:47:34 BST 2007

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Eric Wang пишет:
> Hello
> I am a newbie of Bazaar, and have zero experience on LINUX/UNIX, so my
> question is probably rather simple to you guys.
> I am trying to host a smart server on Windows 2003 over SSH, suppose my SSH
> default path is d:\repo, and the path of my branch is d:\repo\branch, what
> is right path which I can use to connect the server? I tried bzr log on
> bzr+ssh://server/branch, bzr+ssh://server/d:/branch,
> bzr+ssh://server/d/branch, and 

> bzr+ssh://server/cygdirve/d/branch,

Probably you mean 'cygdrive'?

> But none of them works, all I got is the same error: bzr: ERROR: Not a
> branch. So my question is, what is the right path?

I think you need to establish SSH connection with your server and try to reach your
branch in SSH session. If you successfully do this, you will know what the right path is.

Otherwise, check installation and configuration of your SSH server.

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