broken handling of properly quoted relative paths

Martin Steigerwald Martin at
Fri Jun 22 09:44:52 BST 2007


I am a new subcriber to this list... I have written a Bazaar article for 
german Linux-Magazin. I posted about it here some time ago. I use Bazaar 
regularily and really like it.

However today I found a slight problem:

martin at shambala:~> find -type d -and -name ".bzr" -printf "%h\n" | 
xargs -n1 -i{} echo bzr check \"{}\"
bzr check "./Geburtstag 2007"
bzr check "./.crm114"
bzr check "./Computer/Mondschein/Konfiguration/etc"
bzr check "./Linux/LUSC/WorkshopWeekend2006/Automatische 

IMHO should not lead to:

martin at shambala:~> find -type d -and -name ".bzr" -printf "%h\n" | 
xargs -n1 -i{} bzr check \"{}\"
bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: /home/martin/"./Geburtstag 2007"/
bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: /home/martin/"./.crm114"/
bzr: ERROR: Not a 
branch: /home/martin/"./Computer/Mondschein/Konfiguration/etc"/
bzr: ERROR: Not a 
branch: /home/martin/"./Linux/LUSC/WorkshopWeekend2006/Automatische 

When expanding path names Bazaar should take quotes into respect. Without 
Quotes it won't work here, cause some directory names contains spaces.

Will work around this now... and tell you why I actually want to check all 
my Bazaar repos...

Martin 'Helios' Steigerwald -
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