Andy Armstrong andy at
Tue Jun 19 18:16:20 BST 2007

On 19 Jun 2007, at 16:26, Sebastian Kuzminsky wrote:

> Andy Armstrong <andy at> wrote:
>> There doesn't seem to be any svn2bzr here:
>> And I can't find it anywhere else. Is it out of favour? Should I be
>> using something else? I'd like to do a one-shot migrate of my SVN
>> repos to BZR.
> I used the bzr-svn plugin to do this.  It worked sort of.  My SVN repo
> is pretty big (10K revs, 25K files in trunk), and doing a simple 'bzr
> branch svn+ssh://....' ran out of memory.
> I had to do it in chunks like this:
>     bzr init-repo repo
>     bzr branch -r 1000 svn+ssh:// repo/ 
> original-from-svn
>     chdir repo/original-from-svn
>     for REV in $(seq 2000 1000 11000); do
>         bzr pull -r $REV svn+ssh://
>     done
> I'd love to switch from svn to bzr, but it needs too much memory and
> CPU time to deal with my repository...  :-(

Ah right. Well I'll give it a try anyway, thanks :)

Andy Armstrong,

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