Core Developer Handbook draft

Martin Pool mbp at
Tue Jun 19 03:53:16 BST 2007

On 6/18/07, Aaron Bentley < at> wrote:
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> Ian Clatworthy wrote:
> > Over the last few months, I've been collecting notes on various
> > processes followed within the Bazaar community and bugging people if I
> > couldn't find the information as easily as I hoped. I've put some of
> > that information together into a so-called "Core Developer Handbook". A
> > first cut is now up on the Wiki here:
> >
> I guess I'm a little hesitant to go making "core developer" an official
> term in the project.  I'd like to think that it's just a useful label,
> and that anyone who behaves like a core developer is one.

Good point - I previously suggested to Ian to instead put these into a
section of the overall developer guide, about how to get changes into
Bazaar.  If people really feel it ought to be separate I'm open to it,
but the HACKING document last I look did already talk about processes
as well as code.

I don't want to overemphasize "these people are the core and everyone
else isn't" - and indeed people who you might not call "core"
sometimes do very useful reviews for example.


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