REGRESSION in 0.17rc1, doing commit of files with unicode names.

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Mon Jun 18 16:30:07 BST 2007

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John Arbash Meinel пишет:
> Ian Clatworthy wrote:
>> Martin Pool wrote:
>>>> I like Aaron's idea of stopping note() logging to the file at all. Is
>>>> that an acceptable approach to have product wide?
>>> Do you mean to .bzr.log, or are you talking about the effect of --quiet?
>> I mean note() shouldn't write to .bzr.log.
>> Ian C.
> One thing I should comment on. Which is that "note()" is actually incorrect for
> this sort of logging.
> Specifically, "note()" has been defined as "utf-8", but some consoles are not
> UTF-8. Especially on Windows. Which is why we have done work to make
> "Command.outf" a wrapper which takes Unicode and writes to stdout. We either
> need to do something like that for stderr, fix the code to write to self.outf
> instead of note/sys.stderr, or possibly also fix 'note()' to write utf-8 to the
> log file, and console encoding to stderr.
> I think there are even some bugs open about this.

> Overall, I prefer to have Commit write to self.outf, rather than writing to
> sys.stderr.
> I would also be fine with '--quiet' being the default.
> As far as logging to .bzr.log... It would be nice to have a function like
> 'note()' that you can alert the user about something, and have it logged
> because you think it may be important.  However, we do have 'warning()', and I
> think at this point, most of our note() calls are probably not critical anymore.
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