Generalize reporting [was (controversial) Renaming 'bzr' => 'bz']

John Yates jyates at
Wed Jun 13 17:11:32 BST 2007

Replying to my own mail since I see that this might have been misconstrued:

>   show <domain> <criteria> <format>
> In the limit I envision presenting each domain as an SQL queriable table.
> Even without any join functionality an SQL select query still offers a
> very rich set of capabilities: where conditions, group by, order by,
> limit, etc.  Combined with something like Mercurial templates and styles
> this would satisfy nearly any integration or reporting requirement.

It was not my intent to suggest augmenting bzr with SQL syntax.  Rather I
wanted to get across the idea that if buried in a show (or report) command
there existed a query execution engine with functionality equivalent to a
SQL select then the problem reduces to one of exposing the capabilities of
that engine via the syntax of the <criteria> clause.

Put another way: why spend time brainstorming ad hoc filters and formats
when computer science has a well developed body of experience and wisdom
around querying and reporting.


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