[MERGE][Bug #113436] bzr pull --help should explain the status flags

Aaron Bentley aaron.bentley at utoronto.ca
Fri Jun 8 14:00:28 BST 2007

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Daniel Watkins wrote:
>> These three could be done like this, or using _see_also, but I don't have
>> a strong opinion. Did you consider this choice?
> I had not, as I was not aware of it.  It makes a lot more sense than
> adding an identical string to all of the help, so is in the attached.

I think this is a positive change, but the way you've prepared it is
problematic for me.

You have built it on top of the update patch, which is more
controversial.  It can issue two sets of status messages, which I think
would be very confusing for the user.  I have pointed this out to you,
but  I am still waiting for you to reply on that point.

The patch does not reflect what will happen if I merge the bundle.  If I
merge the bundle, what happens depends on whether I have
d.m.watkins at warwick.ac.uk-20070607225350-8sjzscswyrnfud7w installed in
my repository.

If it is not installed, the merge fails.
If it is installed, the merge will apply the update changes, which is
not what I want or expect.

When I am working on changes, I use separate branches for each pending
change, so that we don't wind up with this kind of dependency problem.
I'd recommend this approach in the future.

I realize that these are closely-related changes.  One approach you
could take is:
1. Do the update status change in branch A
2. Do the help update in branch B
3. When either branch is merged, change the update help in the
outstanding branch.

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