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Andrew Voznytsa andrew.voznytsa at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 23:55:00 BST 2007

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> > b) ViewVC has more compact view. You use much more space than required
> for
> > each column.
> Yes, I agree... I am not a good web designer... patches are welcome
Then why not to borrow ViewVC (just for example) html templates? At least
until your engine won't reach some level of maturity/etc. So better your
software will looks/will be user friendly so more users will use it.


> >
> > f) You don't provide way to switch between repositories quickly (if you
> > support multiple repositories, sorry did not tested this yes)
> You have to push the "up arrow" button on your browser... ( you don't have
> it?
> use konqueror :-) )....
It would be quite complicated on Windows :)

> I disagree.. as ViewCV user you can find webserver more complecated, I
> believe
> that. Instead as webserver user I find ViewCV more complicated.
OK, I'll agree with you that ViewVC user will find webserver more
complicated. And I may agree with opposite case but there is one noticeable
difference between ViewVC and webserver: ViewVC has some history which means
millions of installations and a lot of users, already familiar with ViewVC
concept (ViewCVS before). You (and Bazaar team) are developing new (great)
software and, to be honest, have much less installations and users as for
now. It would be right to assume that some number of ViewVC/SVN user will
(try to) migrate to webserve/bzr. So you should think how to simplify life
for those people because if they find new software complex, non-intuitive
and non-user-friendly they will never migrate to it (unless something forces

> For example I don't find  how i can get the diff of all the file between
> two
> revisions
> ( see
> http://goffredo-baroncelli.homelinux.net/bazaar-dev/bazaar-webserve-
> dev?cmd=revision;revid=ghigo%40venice-20070502195913-dlv45hjdjc3rabvd
> )
In case of this particular feature - yes, you are better. And this is what
I'd expected :)

> > For example it is
> > unclear for me why should I always look on fully qualified revision id
> > instead of just short revision number? Those long numbers might be
> useless
> > for 90% cases. I guess there is need some option 'Show full revision
> id'.
> This is another click, and  .../I'm lazy. Everyone (mostly) too/... :-)
I'm not so lazy :) But I think you got my point.

> I will try to find a way to display the revisionid smaller... but the
> truth is
> that i really like the revision-id ( :-) )
Sometime ago I played with GNU Log plugin (log formatter, allows bzr to
output log in GNU style). It uses bzr API to access changeset's info. One of
available fields is revno (bzr revno) which should be enough for 'lazy view'
Best regards,
Andrew Voznytsa

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