[MERGE][Bug #111958] tests fail if BZR_REMOTE_PATH is set

Daniel Watkins D.M.Watkins at warwick.ac.uk
Thu Jun 7 00:24:01 BST 2007

Martin Pool wrote:
> I agree with John's comments in the bug that it should just be cleared
> where all the others are.  I can't think of any reasonable case where
> tests would want to inherit the value set by the user.  Unless anyone
> else can see one or some other compelling reason, I think it's simpler
> to do it globally.  So if you could just make and post that one line
> patch that would be great.
Aw, I learned decorators just for that. :p  Fix attached.

> Also you should mention in NEWS that you fixed the bug.
Also attached.

Daniel Watkins (Odd_Bloke)
University of Warwick Christian Focus President
University of Warwick Computing Society WUGLUG Liaison Officer
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