Tom Cato Amundsen tca at
Fri May 11 10:46:19 BST 2007

I have started experimenting with bzr and intend to convert as much
history as possible from my old baz repositories to bzr.

While converting the archive tca at, baz-import stops
several times with this error message:

| [=======================                                       ]
Branch  5/16ancestor of
tca at is
tca at
ancestor of tca at
is tca at
Cleaning up
bzr: ERROR: Working tree is out of date, please run 'bzr update'.

If I just rerun baz-import:
 $ bzr baz-import -v solfege.newrepo tca at solfege.newrepo
it will continue, and after several stops, maybe 6-10, it has converted
the whole repository.

Should I worry about this message?

I have some more questions, since the converted archive seems a little
strange some places. But I'll have to investigate a little first.
Tom Cato Amundsen <tca at>       
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