0.16rc2?? (two more bugfixes)

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Thu Apr 26 16:01:23 BST 2007

There are two bugfixes that I wrote that seem to have missed the 0.16rc1
release. One is a regression fix from 0.14 (dirstate), and the other is
just a useful bugfix.


(change the bundle reader to properly handle empty properties)



handle the case when dirstate has an 'absent' record and the file is
still on disk. This has an effect in several different places.

Both have been "approved", but I think they were forgotten for merging.

I have merged both of them into .dev so they don't get forgotten, but I
wonder about getting them into 0.16.

Also, for 109613... I'm still not settled on whether to go for backwards
compatibility or not. Older versions will generate bundles that they
won't properly parse.

And I *really* don't like having trailing whitespace be significant.

For now I've submitted it with compatibility mode (since that was
approved). But I would be happy to submit a patch which removes that.


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