bzr-pqm devel ?

Robert Collins robertc at
Thu Apr 26 03:07:13 BST 2007

On Wed, 2007-04-25 at 21:52 -0400, Aaron Bentley wrote:
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> Robert Collins wrote:
> > Seems like bzr-pqm has its own devel group rather than bzr. I'm just
> > wondering whether this is needed?
> I think we don't have to worry about barbarian hordes defacing our
> beautiful bzr-pqm.  If anything, we *are* the barbarian hordes...

This is true. What I guess I mean is 'dang, why did I have to join a
different group to be able to commit to bzr-pqm'? (btw, it will now
reject multiline commit messages, fixing a long standing way to corrupt
the pqm web interface). (It will be lovely when pqm handles them itself
via merge directives).

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