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Dennis Benzinger wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm a Bazaar newbie and I need some help deciding how to layout my
> repository (or if I should use a repository at all). I thought about using
> the following layout:
> /bzr-repositories    <- A Bazaar repository created with bzr init-repo
>     /projectX        <- An ordinary directory (no Bazaar involved)
>         /trunk       <- A Bazaar branch created with bzr --init
>         /branches    <- An ordinary directory (no Bazaar involved)
>             /newGUI  <- A Bazaar branch created with bzr branch ../../trunk
>     /projectY
>         /trunk
>         /branches
> Does this make sense?
> Can I use ordinary directories (e.g. projectX) in a Bazaar repository?
> Or would it be better to use a Bazaar branch for the whole projectX
> directory?
> If I store my Bazaar branches in a repository can somebody else still 
> branch from projectX/trunk for example? (As far as I understood the 
> revision history isn't stored in this branch but in the repository)
> Is there a repository layout guideline somewhere?
> Thanks,
> Dennis

This looks great. Regular directories are fine. You can lay them out
however makes sense to you.

There is:

But that is more about how to use them, than how they should be laid out.

Do you want to contribute to (a theoretical)

There are a couple reasonable ways of laying one out depending on your


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