Bazaar Developer Guide (Proposed)

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at
Thu Apr 12 01:38:03 BST 2007

Andrew Bennetts wrote:
> Ian Clatworthy wrote:
> [...]
>> the various Wiki pages covering related material into this. A first cut 
>> at a Table of Contents can be found here: 
> Having a "Using the Bazaar API" section would be valuable, but it does not
> belong here.  The audience for an API guide is broader than just people working
> on bzr proper, as it includes plugin authors and other users of bzrlib.  I'd
> love to see it written, and linked from the Developer Guide (whatever form it
> takes).  The Bazaar Developer Guide is about project policy and recommended ways
> to work with the bzr code; an API guide is much more broadly applicable, so
> deserves better visibility than being buried inside this guide.

The idea was to make the Dev Guide a one stop shop for all developers, 
including those people writing plug-ins and 3rd-party tools. The latter 
groups don't need to follow everything we do w.r.t. policies but it 
doesn't hurt for them to be aware of them.
> "Cross Platform Guidelines" (which I nearly didn't see because I was looking for
> the word "Portability", but that's probably just me...) should also consider the
> python version as part of the platform.  So ideally it would include:
>   * python 2.5+ features to avoid (because we want to work with python 2.4), and
>   * how to write python 2.4 code that will work without warnings on 2.5 and
>     above,
> as well as the more obvious Linux vs. Windows vs. OS X issues.
> -Andrew.

Portability is a better name - I'll go with that. Fully agreed on the 
scope including Python stuff.

Ian C.

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