release status - land new features before monday

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Wed Apr 11 12:11:25 BST 2007

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Martin Pool пишет:
> Our schedule for this release is:
>> 26 Mar   open week 1
>> 2 Apr    open week 2
>> 9 Apr    open development week 3
>> 16 Apr    bugfixes only
>> 23 Apr     release candidate
>> 30 Apr     release
> Any new features, particularly anything that wants to change disk
> formats, should be posted before Monday.
> The main things that I am aware of that are still pending are hpss
> speedups.  Andrew is splitting up his large hpss branch for review;
> Robert is connecting up the faster difference-detection, and I am
> working on sending the whole Repository as a tarball.
> We have already merged some quite useful fixes and cleanups, so I
> think we should do a release on the dates above, but call it 0.15.1,
> and make an 0.16 release when we can put in some more exciting
> speedups or features.

I don't know how you are guys, but I'm still depressed by new dirstate
format: it's completely unusable on win98,
it has many bugs related to add/move files in working tree,
and it every time want upgrade, even if I don't want this.

/me want back to knits+tags.

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