Launchpad Bugs feature

Jonathan Lange jml at
Wed Mar 28 02:54:28 BST 2007


I'm at the Bzr mini-sprint in Sydney working on a feature to allow
Launchpad to automatically close bugs based on information in Bazaar
revision properties.

I'd love to get feedback on the proposed UI, the way revision
properties are used and where exactly this code should go.

Proposed UI:

To indicate that a revision fixes a bug:
    * bzr commit --fixes=62789

The bug number perhaps should be qualified to indicate that it refers
explicitly to a Launchpad bug, for example:
    * bzr commit --fixes=lp:62789

(This lets us use the same option to fix Debian bugs and so forth).

In future, we may want to provide the ability to set bug status before
the commit:
    * bzr bugfix BUG [STATUS]
      bzr commit

And also perhaps to set the status to something other than 'fixed'
(e.g. 'in progress')
    * bzr commit --fixing=lp:62789

At the moment, I'm planning on including each bug as a revision
property which maps 'lp:<bug_id>' to '<status>', where status is
"fixed" (at least for the first iteration).


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