Bazaar/Avahi mDNS Plugin

James Henstridge james at
Mon Mar 26 04:57:16 BST 2007

I've put together a small plugin that combines the Bazaar smart server
with mDNS service advertisement.  The code is available from its
Launchpad page here:

The plugin requires Bazaar, the Python bindings for dbus, avahi and
gobject.  The plugin provides two commands:

* bzr share [directory]
This command will do the following:
 1. scan the given directory for branches
 2. start a read only Bazaar smart server for this directory
 3. use Avahi to advertise each of the found branches, using their
nickname as the service name.

* bzr browse
This is a simple command to list all the branches advertised on the
local network.  It just prints the nicknames and corresponding bzr://

Used together, they provide an easy way to share branches on a local
network (at a conference or sprint, for example).  Assuming your
system is set up for IP autoconfiguration, it should also work on an
ad-hoc wireless network with no DHCP, for instance.


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