Visual Studio integration

Nicholas Allen allen at
Mon Mar 19 14:08:06 GMT 2007

BugsEverywhere looks like a really nice idea. I tried to install the web 
interface but I had many problems (sorry don't remember exactly what as 
it was a while ago).

I was just wondering how a distributed bug tracking system would work in 
reality. The users of the software won't have access to the source code 
so they will need to go to some central place to file bugs. I guess this 
could be a web interface to the bugs in the trunk version and when the 
user submits a bug they submit a change into the trunk to file that bug. 
Or perhaps it would make sense that there was a branch of the trunk that 
bugs got submitted into and this would then get merged to trunk by a 
developer or by individual developers into their own branches in order 
to get the latest bugs. When a bug gets fixed in a branch though the web 
interface will not be updated to show that there is a fix available and 
in which branch. This would only happen when the branch is merged to 
trunk and the latest bug status is merged in.

I was just wondering how you imagined this would work?



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