Visual Studio integration

Klaus Hartke klaus.hartke at
Mon Mar 19 12:55:42 GMT 2007

John Arbash Meinel wrote: 
> We (bzr) has generally taken the stance of not trying to do anything
> special with the *contents* of files. But it just makes me think...
> It brings up an old request to be able to mark the encoding for files as
> bzr metadata. I'm still not sure that we want to encode/decode the
> contents of files (modifying people's data in flight just feels like a
> good way to break stuff for them). But having a way to record it would
> be helpful for situations like this.

I think this is related to the line endings issue. As a user, I'd assume
something like this:

* If I don't specify a line ending style or encoding to bzr, I'd expect
  bzr leaving my stuff alone.

* On the other hand, if I explicitly tell bzr that a file should have
  CR/LF line endings and be stored in UTF-8, I'd expect bzr to ensure
  this, even if some **** editor decides to convert all line endings
  to LF and saves the file with latin-1.


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