0.15 rc1 feisty packages have wrong dependencies

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at canonical.com
Mon Mar 12 12:39:25 GMT 2007

Hi gang,

Martin Pool wrote:
> On 10/03/07, Robert Collins <robertc at robertcollins.net> wrote:
>> 09:41 < jdong> aww why does   bzr: Depends: python (< 2.5) but
>> 2.5-0ubuntu6 is to be installed
> Yes, I get that too.

This is related to https://launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/80207.  In a pinch,
people that run feisty should not have http://bazaar-vcs.org in their
sources.list.  The package posted on http://bazaar-vcs.org are built and
tested on dapper, happen to work on edgy, but are broken on feisty.

People running feisty will get the latest package of bzr, bzrtools and
friends from the Ubuntu repositories (main/universe).  At this point in
time, there is no need to have http://bazaar-vcs.org in your
sources.list if you are running feisty, as the latest releases are
uploaded regularly to the distribution.

Usually, I upload the feisty package first before I upload new dapper
packages to http://bazaar-vcs.org to work around that problem.  This
week was special, as I had delays with the feisty upload due to issues
with bzrtools.  Thus, I posted the packages on http://bazaar-vcs.org
before I did the upload to feisty in the interest of having people test
the rc release ASAP.

The only good long-term solution would be to split the repositories on
http://bazaar-vcs.org by releases.  I am wary of doing that as it will
break the config of current users of this repositories.  But it will
have to be done before feisty is released at the latest.


Etienne Goyer
Senior Ubuntu System Support Analyst
Canonical, Ltd

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