[BUG] baz-import creating different inventory texts (ghosts? and corruption)

Aaron Bentley aaron.bentley at utoronto.ca
Sun Mar 11 17:15:36 GMT 2007

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John Arbash Meinel wrote:
> I just came across a source of corruption for baz => bzr conversions.
> It seems that a baz-import has been run 2 times. And in one case, it
> decided that the last-changed revision for the files should be marked as
> the ghost revision (--patch-200), and in the other case the last-changed
> was '--base-0'.

These were exactly the same version?  I'm not sure how that could happen.

> Was this just a change in baz-import? On was it a change to the internal
> bzrlib logic (such that ghosts could be considered a last-changed).

We haven't made many changes to baz-import along those lines.  It's just
been maintenance, maintenance, maintenance.

> It could also be that one conversion had more history available than
> another conversion.

I'm pretty sure that baz-import insists on importing a whole version at
once, which is why I asked the earlier question.

> Certainly that is going to be a general problem.
> Because the inventory files can differ drastically if one has fewer
> ghosts than the other.

I don't think it is a general problem.  Aside from converters, we should
 never recreate an inventory.

> Essentially though, we can't really support ghosts as well as we think
> we can. Unless we could somehow make 'InventoryEntry.revision' a loose
> value. (Not include it in the checksum, etc)

InventoryEntry.revision was already considered somewhat loose.
Testament format 1 doesn't include it.  Perhaps we need to make it looser?

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