Split/Join feature

Nicholas Allen allen at ableton.com
Thu Mar 8 13:43:10 GMT 2007

>> Does that mean if I split a project in 2 but then make changes in both
>> of them I only need to commit once to commit to both of them?
> Yes.

Cool :-)
>> What does
>> it mean to have subtree support? I think it sounds like a great feature
>> but I don't understand the full potential of it. It would be nice if
>> there was at least some documentation showing use cases and explaining a
>> bit more about it.
> There is a spec:
> http://bazaar-vcs.org/NestedTreeSupport
I was searching for join/split in the wiki so that explains why I didn't 
see it. It looks cool and could be very useful for the kind of work we 
currently use svn for...
>> I know the bzr
>> documentation is not in a great shape but when a major new feature lands
>> would it not make sense that at least a file in the docs dir is created
>> for it before it can be released (or even merged to trunk)?
> Right now, I have a choice between actually getting this feature working
> properly, or writing about how it will work when it works properly.  I
> choose the former, because I will not know the details of how it works
> until it actually works.
I'm glad you chose the former! I was just thinking that before 0.15 is 
released it would be nice if users could appreciate these features...



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