Bazaar summer-of-code - mentors, project ideas and students wanted

Martin Pool martinpool at
Thu Mar 8 04:45:49 GMT 2007


I'd like Bazaar to offer Google summer-of-code again this year.  We
had some success last year and I think can do even better this year by
staying more closely in touch with our students.  We need to apply by
Monday the 12th.

At this point I'm looking for a list of people interested in
mentoring, and perhaps to start a discussion about how we will
organize the summer-of-code project.

We are asked to provide a list of mentors on the application.  Being a
mentor to a student is a significant commitment, but can be be very
rewarding.  You don't need to make a final decision right now.  Of
course everyone can help the students, not just the formal mentors.

Google's main concern reflected in the application is that students
shouldn't drop out, which is understandable given there are many more
applications than scholarships available.  I think the key things are

 * choosing good projects clearly articulated, not requiring *too*
much knowledge of the guts, not likely to require extended debate,
cool or interesting, appropriately sized

 * reviewing and landing progress towards that goal in every cycle

 * actively mentoring the students - making a regular irc slot to meet with them

Some folks have talked about having another European sprint some time
soon; maybe we should time that to get the students along.


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