[MERGE] Reveal location of .bazaar in `bzr version`

John Whitley whitley at acm.org
Thu Mar 8 01:27:30 GMT 2007

I filed bug 90467 earlier today, as it can be difficult to figure out  
where bzr has decided the user's .bazaar directory lives.  Especially  
on Windows, where the logic and paths are less straightforward.

Here's a trivial fix that adds this info to 'bzr version', since it  
already presents other path info about Bazaar's installation (python,  
python stdlib, bzrlib, etc.)

In the bug discussion, Alexander brought up that his show-paths  
plugin does this and more, and suggests that some of that  
functionality could be brought over to bzr.dev.  I'm definitely for  
anything extra info that will help users understand and/or  
troubleshoot their installations...

-- John

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