dirstate and win32

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Fri Mar 2 10:21:23 GMT 2007

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Robert Collins пишет:
> Alexander, I wonder if you have time to try the dirstate branch, and let
> me/martin/john know where it fails ?

I start to selftesting dirstate on Windows 2000 + Python2.4.
I want to say that many tests failing with the same problem:

    Lock error: (33, 'LockFileEx', 'Process cannot get access to file, because part of the file is
blocked by another process.')

^-- actual error message in russian, I translate it to english as close as I can.

Similar problems was in the past, but I think this is brand new.

Also many tests failed because they compare my own bazaar settings with testing one,
i.e. they look into C:/Document and Settings/username/Application Data/bazaar/2.0/
and compare files from this directory with testing one, and then see they different.
Of course they different: it's my personal data.

I need several hours to run full selftest also on bzr.dev, just to ensure
this problems is specific to dirstate. Then I'll prepare test.log and stderr.log.
Because in some failed tests compared data with my own settings, I need
to cut down my private data from test.log.

John, I think you also need to run selftest on your Windows XP, when time permits.

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