confusing messages

Sam Steingold sds at
Thu Mar 1 18:22:06 GMT 2007

Aaron Bentley wrote:
> James Westby wrote:
>> On (01/03/07 09:42), Sam Steingold wrote:
>>> $ bzr status
>>> pending merges:
>>>   Stefan Reichoer 2007-01-29 Applied minor fix for dvc-build.el from 
>>> Sascha...
>>> So, I am still confused: what do I need to do to shut "bzr status" up?
>> As Aaron said you can do bzr revert. This will get rid of the pending
>> merge, along with the change that you merged.
>> However it seems like this is not what you want, you wnat to have that
>> change. In that case you should merge and commit.
> I noticed that there were no file changes listed in his "status" output,
> so I expect he does not want the change at all.

I did "bzr revert" and now
$ bzr status
$ bzr update
Tree is up to date at revision 136.
$ bzr merge
Merging from remembered location
Nothing to do.

does this mean that my branch is now identical to

all I want is an equivalent to "cvs update": I want to get a local copy 
of the upstream code.


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