[MERGE] bzr rm should delete the working file (Bug #82602)

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Wed Feb 21 05:04:04 GMT 2007

Marius Kruger wrote:
> this looks good
> On 2/21/07, *Martin Pool* <mbp at sourcefrog.net
> <mailto:mbp at sourcefrog.net>> wrote:
>     I would like this:
>     * the standard command removes the working file
>     * it refuses to remove it if that would lose data, unless --force is
>     given
> Just to clarify: Do we unversion it in this case or do nothing?

Just do nothing, and exit with an error.  (You should test cases where
only some of the files given are modified; it's ok to either delete the
unmodified files or not, but we should end up in a consistent state.)

> >     * there can be a command to just unversion it
> Or maybe just add an option (Aaron had a point that 'remove' is the
> opposite of 'add', not 'unversion'):
> bzr rm -u some_file
> bzr rm --unversion some_file

That'd be ok, and avoid adding a new command.  It could also be called
--keep-working-file or --keep.


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