Tailor / converting between bzr and git

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Tue Feb 20 15:34:06 GMT 2007

Joseph Wakeling wrote:
> I wrote:
>> but tailor -D --configfile MGa.conf then produces the output (last few
>> bits only, where the error happens),
>> 19:14:28 [I] Checking out revision
>> ed15bafcf4012ab6abc128a19b5ee60444b1060a (INITIAL)
>> 19:14:28 [I] /joe/code/MGa.tmp $ git reset --hard
>> ed15bafcf4012ab6abc128a19b5ee60444b1060a
>> fatal: /usr/bin/git-reset cannot be used without a working tree.
>> 19:14:28 [W] [Status 1]
>> 19:14:28 [C] Checkout of project failed!
>> I don't know if this is a bug (that tailor should use git-checkout
>> instead of git-reset) but can't see otherwise why it should be having a
>> problem.  Any thoughts?
> Further to the above, if I go to the MGa.tmp directory and _manually_
> type the contentious command,
>   git reset --hard ed15bafcf4012ab6abc128a19b5ee60444b1060a
> ... the command works fine and I get a nice copy of the first commit
> from the git repository.  So there is something odd about the error
> tailor is displaying.

I don't know for sure, but your command line looked a little odd to me:

tailor -sgit -tbzr -R /joe/code/MGa/.git/ -T /joe/code/MGa-bzr/  \
     --verbose --subdir=MGa.tmp > MGa.conf

Normally, you don't supply the '.git' or '.bzr' or '.svn', etc
directory. Did you try:

tailor -sgit -tbzr -R /joe/code/MGa/ -T /joe/code/MGa-bzr/  \
     --verbose --subdir=MGa.tmp > MGa.conf

This doesn't fit the error that you are getting, though. You might also
want to check your git version. It may be that tailor is expecting git
to act in a certain way.


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