Please help a newbie - repository is refusing to work

Aaron Bentley at
Sun Feb 18 04:07:41 GMT 2007

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outre99 wrote:
> Apologies for silly questions but it seems that my installation of
> Bazaar is refusing to play well with others.
> I followed the how-to guides line by line but to no avail.  The problem
> is that almost every command (including status, diff, add, etc.) results
> in ?working tree does not exist?? error.
> I?m trying to set up a shared directory on my Ubuntu box to serve as a
> central repository.
> Here are the steps that I took:
> 1. I installed Bazzar, created a /repo directory for all repositories.
> 2. bzr init-repo --no-trees project1
> 3. mkdir /repo/project1/
> 4. copy all files from the existing project directory to
> 5. bzr init /repo/project1/

If you want to have a treeless repository, then you don't want to put
the files there.

What you need is a checkout of your /repo/project1 branch.  A checkout
is a working tree that's associated with a branch, so that when you
commit, it goes into that branch.  But a checkout doesn't need to be in
the same place as the branch.

So you can create the checkout with
bzr checkout --lightweight /repo/project1.

Copy the files into that.  You should be able to add them and commit.

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