Please help a newbie - repository is refusing to work

outre99 outre99 at
Sun Feb 18 03:56:37 GMT 2007

Apologies for silly questions but it seems that my installation of Bazaar is
refusing to play well with others.

I followed the how-to guides line by line but to no avail.  The problem is
that almost every command (including status, diff, add, etc.) results in
"working tree does not exist." error.

I'm trying to set up a shared directory on my Ubuntu box to serve as a
central repository.

Here are the steps that I took:


1. I installed Bazzar, created a /repo directory for all repositories.

2. bzr init-repo --no-trees project1

3. mkdir /repo/project1/

4. copy all files from the existing project directory to

5. bzr init /repo/project1/


At this point however almost every command results in "working tree does not
exist for /repo/project1/".  Since this is a shared repository
the guide recommended to make them without trees.  But it seems kind of
absurd if you can't do anything with them.

I looked through all docs and archives and can't figure this one out.


Also when I try to do 'bzr branch' all I get in
the directory is .bzr subdirectory but no code files.  Is that
how it supposed to work?  I would expect all files to be copied over.


Please help.


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