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Sat Feb 10 12:13:41 GMT 2007

On 2/9/07, John Arbash Meinel <john at> wrote:
> Angela wrote:
> > I see, I see. So if I wanted to access my files over the 'net, that's
> > when I
> > need the smart server? And not having working trees. Hmm, would it be
> > possible to change all these at a later date to that sort of format?
> It's
> > not important for me (at least right now) to be able to access my files
> > if I
> > have no connection to my LAN, although that need *might* change at a
> later
> > date -- though not very likely.
> >
> > xx Angela
> You don't have to use a smart server. You can access it over a number of
> protocols (sftp, ftp, http). The only major difference is that access is
> usually slower, and when you push new revisions, the working tree isn't
> kept up to date. This will be shown by 'bzr status', and you will also
> get an out-of-date message if you try to commit.
> You simply run 'bzr update' in the working tree to bring it back up to
> date.
> Also, you can remove a working tree with "bzr remove-tree". So yes, you
> can always switch to a treeless repository later. (It is a little
> trickier to change the default for new branches, but still not very hard)
> John
> =:->

Thanks, John! I *have* noticed that I have to run bzr update on the file
server before working on it (if ever). It will take a bit of getting used
to, but I think that's alright for now, given my options. :)

Thanks again for the help you've extended and for Bazaar itself (and to
everyone else maintaining/working on it, of course) -- I'm glad I stuck with
it, and while the fact that I haven't really tried any other CVS (other than
SVN for, like, half a day before I gave up on it) puts me out of the running
for "most believable reviewer", I still maintain that I found Bazaar quite
easy to use and get into (in light of the "ease of use" discussion going on
recently). :)

xx Angela

And I write in my seasonal plume.
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