Rev 2245: Moved old weave-based repository formats into bzrlib.repofmt.weaverepo. in file:///home/mbp/bzr/Work/repoformats/

Martin Pool mbp at
Tue Feb 6 21:31:39 GMT 2007

On  6 Feb 2007, Robert Collins <robertc at> wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-02-06 at 17:27 +1100, Martin Pool wrote:
> > ...  
> >   Remove InterWeaveRepo, these should now just be upgraded.
> Can we still pull from them to knits? (can't upgrade something you can't
> clone - and this removal forces clone to not work).

I thought cloning them would still work through InterSameDataRepo, and
upgrades through InterModel1and2?  At any rate no tests fail with this
removed, so if it is broken we have some test weakness...

Initializing, branching and upgrading a weave repo does in fact still
work when tested interactively.

I guess you could say we should keep the fast path in case people need
to branch it -- I will probably add lazy interrepos so it would not be
> Oh, and that reminds me - your commit message didn't say anything about
> fixing clone, which presumably is now going to throw special errors for
> weave based repo cloning?

No change was needed.


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