Permission denied on checkout

Angela seasonalplume at
Mon Feb 5 09:13:39 GMT 2007

Alexander Belchenko <bialix <at>> writes:
> You need to share 'project1' folder, instead of only 'devt'.
> Shared repository holds many data in 'project1/.bzr' and bzr *should*
> have access to this folder. But unfortunately bzr cannot reach this directory
> if you don't share 'project1'. This means that you need to share all
> your repository and therefore all your branches inside this repository.
> I hope it's not the problem to you.

Oh, I see! I should have thought of that, since it *is* a shared repository.
Thanks! Sharing just the devt folder is more fine-grained, but sharing the whole
repository really isn't too much of a problem.

> The command itself has error: you need to checkout branch instead of
> whole repository (you cannot checkout the repository):
> bzr checkout \\server\project1\devt project1

Thanks for pointing that out, it actually makes the distinction between branch
and repository clearer to me, I think.

Thanks for the fix note, although I think I might not be a very good candidate
as a tester at this point, since I'm still finding my way around. But that's
good to know that it's been fixed.

> > It was "fixed" when I left off the trailing slash in the from_location
> > path,
> > although naturally my original error still occurred.
> What you mean when you say "fixed"?

Ah, I just meant that the (long) error wasn't occurring anymore. :)

Again, thanks, especially for the speedy reply -- I just shared the whole shared
repository and my checkout works now. :)


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